So What’s Naperville Writers Group All About?

Successful writers have two common behaviors. First, they write a lot. Second, they seek out honest criticism.

The fact is, it's hard to improve your writing unless you are read, regularly.

The Naperville Writers Group offers you the opportunity to develop your craft and receive thoughtful, positive and useful critiques. Our members come from throughout the Chicago area and range from published, award-winning writers to those who write only for pleasure.

As an NWG member you'll find that you write more, and with growing confidence, with a little help from your fellow practitioners.

Writers are invited to attend a few meetings to see how we operate. We meet every Wednesday evening 7 to 9 pm on the campus of North Central College in Naperville.

Visitors are welcome. Please see Join Us for our location and other meeting

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Book Presentation Featuring Tony Mankus: Where Do I Belong? An Immigrant's Quest for Identity  

WHERE DO I BELONG? An Immigrants Quest for Identity.

By Tony Mankus

The captivating memoir outlines an emotional quest for identity in the context of the author's immigrant experience. It traces parts of his life after he and his family were forced to leave their native Lithuania during the latter stages of WWII. It includes some childhood recollections of Lithuania (the author was only 5 when they left), their survival efforts during the final months of WWII in Germany, their experiences after the war in the DP camp in Kempten, Allgau, immigration to the US in 1950, and the author's teen years growing up in Elizabeth, N.J.

The memoir continues with the author's efforts to make it as an adult in America and deal with cultural conflicts, identity issues, and feeling of not really "belonging." It concludes, finally, with the sense that he was beginning to blend into mainstream America, especially after he, his wife, and their four daughters visited the newly independent Lithuania in 2003 and 2005 - a closing of the circle, of sorts.

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