The Rivulets anthology is a selective collection of poetry and prose written by the members of the Naperville Writers Group.  Each year, Rivulets contains the best of the works created by our writers.

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Rivulets 35

In this issue of Rivulets

  • A ghostly guard of honor at the veteran’s cemetery
  •  The kids stage a late-night break-out
  • One last wedding ceremony
  • Charlie considers his guilt at the 8th police district.
    ALSO … Kitchen Tips for non-cooks.
  • Prayer beads
  • Birds making circles in the sky.
    …and, oh! That cat!
  • Plus
  • – Founders’ Prize Winners
  • -Student Winners of the high school contest.

Rivulets 34

In this issue of Rivulets…

  • -Cousins clash at a ceremony in the Indian countryside
  • -Saturday night pizza solves the munchies in a college dorm
  • A son reels from a shocking revelation at his father’s funeral
  • Charlene shows off her baby at the Waffle House.
  • Dan gets a proper send-off with a party at Shakey’s.
  • Sand-hill cranes hold their ancient blue gaze for hours.
  • Birds making circles in the sky.
  • Rapids churn on the Rogue River, Oregon
  • Plus
  • Founders’ Prize Winners
  • Student Winners of our first high school contest

Rivulets 33

  • In this issue of Rivulets
  • Brianna gets a letter – from a killer!
  • Vaccination vicissitudes and immunization implications
  • The sadhu performs a miracle – for 200 rupees and an old coat
  • “Half a moon to mystify”
  • “A midnight wraith/in a moonlit meadow”
  • Doomed ships, digital coupons, jazz at a Cleveland dive
  • Black flies and the smell of sulfur…