The Rivulets anthology is a selective collection of poetry and prose written by the members of the Naperville Writers Group.  Each year Rivulets contains the best of the works created by our writers.  Please contact our Rivulets editor at napervillewritersgroup@gmail.com to purchase your copy.  Or Rivulets 33 is available on Amazon, or you can try the button below.  If you’re buying more than one copy, please contact our editor for a more accurate shipping rate.  Also, contact him if you want any version older than Rivulets 33.


In this issue…

  •  Brianna gets a letter–from a killer!
  •  Vaccination vicissitudes and immunization implications.
  •  The sadhu performs a miracle–for 100 rupees and an old coat
  •  “Half a moon to mystify”
  •  “A midnight wraith / in a moonlit meadow”
  •  Doomed ships, digital coupons, jazz at a Cleveland dive
  •  Black flies and the smell of sulphur