The Rivulets anthology is a selective collection of poetry and prose written by the members of the Naperville Writers Group.  Each year Rivulets contains the best of the works created by our writers.  Please contact our Rivulets editor to purchase your copy.

Rivulets 29 is coming!  Please join us for the Launch Party on October 14 at 1:00 PM at the Naperville 95th St Library.



  • A driver speeding along an expressway plays a dangerous game.
  • you will see the many faces of beauty are in the eye of  the beholder.
  • discover the many internet options for sympathy.
  • a WWII vet remembers a German winter.
  • his black eye from a previous altercation with a trunk earns a man sympathy from a cop.
  • A young girls first kiss isn’t remembered with all fondness.


Rivuet27paintRivulets 27

-a nuclear bomb is stolen from the Pakistani army by a Jihadist group with surprising results.

–a farmer gets a new tractor–his young daughter remembers

-a mother visits the daughter she remembers in her past and hears  “Mommy, its OK to let me go now”

$12.95 plus $5.00 shipping


Rivulets 26

Rivulets26 – a daughter cleaning her mother’s house makes a surprising sewing room discovery.

-small town secrets haunt a reluctant homecoming.

-a vacuum cleaner becomes an otherworldly vehicle.

-a beloved Buick meets a sad end.

-a child makes a gruesome discovery about a roustabout.

$11.95 plus $5 shipping

NWG Rivulets Cover 25 -a Hal-like smart phone outsmarts its owner.

-a young graduate is anxious to sublet and move on to a new job.

-a 6,000 year old man reveals the secrets of Stonehenge.

-friendship and compassion are revealed on an old friend.

$10.95 plus $5 shipping

Rivulets 24


  • …a yourivulets_24ng woman fears that her broccoli casserole, while delicious, may have killed her grandmother.
  • …a woman deals with cold-hearted car dealers in her search for the ultimate sexy car at a price within her budget.
  • …a young boy out fishing is startled by a group of blue-uniformed horsemen.
  • …a childhood stray dog still holds a special place in a woman’s memory.
  • …after a century of battling vampires, a warrior must now tangle with and destroy ghouls for the sake of mankind.
  • …a difficult, ornery old woman proves to be more than a caregiver can handle.
$10.95 plus $5 shipping